The Ordonez Kajukenbo Ohana (OKO) was formed to perpetuate the art of Kajukenbo Self Defense through honoring the legacy of Kajukenbo Co-Founder "Uncle" Frank Ordonez.

The OKO was founded on February 15, 2008 and is comprised of those who have been promoted by Uncle Frank but is open to all ranks and styles.

The OKO provides instruction, training, and promotional support to its members. The OKO holds annual seminars and tournaments commemorating Uncle Frank's birthday.

For more information read this biography about Uncle Frank.

To view the original KSDI paperwork click here.

To view Uncle Frank's Succession paperwork click here.

Almighty and Eternal God
Protector of All Who Put Their Trust in Thee
Accept the Humble Homage of Our Faith and Love in Thee
The One True God
Bless Our Efforts to Preserve the Integrity of Our United States
A Nation Founded on Christian Principles
Enlighten Our Rules
Guide Our Lawmakers
Protect the Sanctity of Our Homes
And Bless Our Efforts in These Exercises
Whose Sole Purpose is Developing Our Bodies
To Keep Others Mindful of Thy Commandments
Give Us Perseverance in Our Action
That We May Use This as a Means to Keep Closer to You
The One True God

~ Frank Ordonez